Return Policy 

"Terms and Conditions" supersede all express or written Terms and Conditions

Products sold by Mega Micro Devices Inc. (MMD) are covered by our 15-day return period, if the product shipped is DOA (damaged on arrival), unless otherwise noted. Please note that MMD does not offer any technical support. Please direct technical questions to the manufacturer. 

All returns covered under our 15-day return period are subject to the following:
  • A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number issued by MMD must accompany all returns.
  • RMA numbers must be obtained no later than 15 days from the date the product was shipped. After 15 days, all product returns must be handled directly by the manufacturer or warranty provider.
  • All RMA numbers are valid for 10 days from the date of issuance.
  • All products must be returned in like-new condition, including original packaging, all documentation and accessories. Charges will be applied for all missing accessories or parts.
  • MMD will not accept items that have been physically damaged or misused. Oerclocking or improper installation of CPU fans will cause CPUs to chip or burn. All chipped and burnt CPUs are considered physically damaged and are not eligible for replacement or refund. 
  • MMD will not honor requests for exchanges under any circumstances.
  • All returns must be shipped freight prepaid. 
  • All related fees (shipping & return shipping fees) are NON-REFUNDABLE for all products in all cases.
  • 20% restocking fee applies to all refunds or WRONG-ORDERED parts. Shipping charges are non-refundable.
  • Please allow 5-6 days for delivery (If Free Shipping Selected) plus Processing Time.
  • All REFUSED orders will be charged 20% restocking fee plus the shipping charges incurred.
  • Order can be canceled anytime before shipment is made. Order already shipped and not accepted or refused by customer will insure 20% restocking fee plus shipping charges incurred. 
  • Credit can be issued within 7 days from the date of the receipt, with some exceptions. CREDIT CAN BE ISSUED FOR IN-STORE ONLY. NO REFUNDS PLEASE.
  • After 15 days of the purchase date, all items that need to be returned for repair will have to be sent directly to the manufacturer or warranty provider.
  • Claim for missing accessories or product not as advertised must be reported within 7 days from the date item is shipped. 

CPU | Hard Drive | Memory | Monitor 

  • Arrangement for a return must be made within 7 days from the date on the invoice.
  • 20% restocking fee applies to all refunds or WRONG-ORDERED parts.
  • Products that are defective, and/or DOA (Damaged on Arrival), can be returned for repair / replacement.
  • All returns must also follow the return procedures mentioned above.
  • Over clocking or improper installation of CPU fans will cause CPUs to chip or burn. All chipped and burnt CPUs are considered physically damaged and are not eligible for replacement or refund. 

CDR/RW Media | Digital Camera & Accessories | DVD-RAM/RW | Open-Box Products | Opened DVD-R/RAM/RW Media | Opened Software | Printer & Accessories | Projectors/ Lamps & Accessories | Refurbished Products | Server & Server related products | Handhelds/PDAs | Special Order Items

  • NO REFUNDS are accepted for any items in these categories.
  • Products that are defective can only be returned for repair/replacement.
  • Arrangement for a return must be made within 30 days from the date of the invoice.
  • All returns must also follow the return procedures mentioned in the 30 day return period section Standard Warranty Products sold by Mega Micro Devices Inc. (MMD) are covered under our Standard Warranty, unless otherwise indicated. Merchandise under the Standard Warranty may be returned within 30-days of the original invoice date for repaired/ replaced within 1-year of the invoice date by acquiring a Return Merchandise Authorization number.

    Many companies offer additional factory coverage so we recommend customers contact the manufacturer directly for eligibility and specific Terms and Conditions.

Physical Damage Policy

Physical damage to any product purchased at MMD will effectively void the standard Warranty coverage. 

Improper Installation of CPU fans and/or improper clocking may cause CPUs to Chip. CPUs that are chipped, burnt or have bent pins are considered physically damaged and cannot be returned for Refund or Repair/replacement. Physical damage includes but is not limited to improper handling and/or any other type of damage sustained by irregular usage.

MMD encounters bent pins regularly when inspecting physically damaged CPUs. Forcing a processor into position will not solve an installation problem and may consequently void any applicable warranty coverage.

Intel and AMD will not accept physically damaged processors back from MMD. As a result, MMD will return any physically damaged CPU back to the customer at the customer's expense. 

Credit period: 7-days from original invoice date. FOR IN STORE ONLY NO REFUNDS.
Repair/replace: 30-days from invoice date. SAME PRODUCT
Retail CPUs--
Credit period: 7-days from the original invoice date. FOR IN STORE ONLY. NO REFUNDS.
Repair/replace: Generally CPU manufacturers offer a 3-year warranty on retail processors. Please contact the manufacturer directly for specific warranty Terms and Conditions.
Additional CPU Warranty Terms--
Declaring a CPU is defective and requesting a CREDIT does not automatically waive the restocking fee.
All defective and DOA CPUs will be replaced upon return.
MMD will not cross-ship replacement CPUs.
Your return must be postmarked within 7-days of the original invoice date to qualify for CREDIT.
Physical Damage of any kind will void any applicable Standard warranty coverage.
Lifetime Warranty

MMD offers a lifetime warranty on certain memory types available in our inventory. Lifetime warranty coverage is offered solely to the initial end-user who purchased the memory directly from the MMD

Retail Products

Retail merchandise is warranted by MMD for 30-days. Additional warranty coverage is offered exclusively by the individual product manufacturer. MMD will only warrant retail products beyond 30-days under precarious circumstances. If you encounter one of the following instances please contact us and we will honor the warranty advertised on our website at your time of purchase:
The manufacturer will not service end-users or does not have an RMA procedure.
The Manufacturer is overseas or does not have contact information.
OEM Products
EM merchandise is covered under our Standard Warranty (30-day CREDIT, 1-year repair/replace) coverage unless otherwise indicated.


Software may only be returned for CREDIT within 30 days of the invoice date if the retail/OEM packaging is unopened and un-tampered with. Opened software cannot be returned for credit or refund. If you have opened a software purchase to discover a damaged and/or defective disc, you may exchange the software for an identical replacement by contacting MMD Customer Service at and acquiring an RMA number. MMD is not responsible for system/software incompatibility, and an incompatibility issue does not qualify software as damaged or defective. Customers are encouraged to contact the respective software publisher for answers to technical questions, such as minimum system requirements, prior to purchase.

Refurbished Products

MMD offers a 15-day credit or refund warranty on all refurbished merchandise.

Bundle Specials

Bundle Specials contain multiple items offered together at a discounted price. Only one of each Bundle Special may be purchased per order. Offers valid only while supplies last. Purchasing multiple units of a Bundle Special that feature a mail-in rebate may yield only one redeemable rebate offer (per the manufacturer's "limit one per household" provision).

If you wish to return a Bundle Special for a credit, you must return the ENTIRE BUNDLE within 30 days of purchase. Note that a 20% restocking fee will be applied. Components within a Bundle Special may be returned for repair/replacement only. Individual items may only be returned for repair/replacement if an RMA number is acquired within the Standard Warranty period.

Electronic Waste Recycling Act

The Electronic Waste Recycling Act ("Act") became law in California on January 1, 2005. The primary objective of this law is to initiate a recycling program for computer products containing chemicals deemed hazardous to the environment. To fund this program, California requires retailers and e-tailers to collect, on the state's behalf, a fee for each product covered by this law. The fee is paid by the consumer at the time of purchase of the covered product. This fee will be remitted directly to the state by us and only applies to orders shipped within California.

The types of products that we are required to collect this recycling fee include cathode ray tubes, cathode ray tube devices, flat panel screens, and other similar video display devices. The actual amount of the recycling fee will vary, based on the screen size of the product when measured diagonally, as follows:
4" inches and less than 15"............. $6.00
15" and more and less than 35"...... $8.00
35" and more....................................... $10.00
For more information concerning the scope and details of the Act, please refer to the California Integrated Waste Management Board's website at or to the 'Department of Toxic Substances Controls website at



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